Transglobal Entertainment and Media Convergence

This  week’s  reading  would  be  on  ‘The  Cultural  Logic  of  Media  Convergence,  International  Journal  of  Cultural  Studies’  Henry  Jenkins.  We  are  now  in  era  where  media convergence  is  more  than  simply  a  technological  shift.

I  will  state  on  what  I  found  rather  interesting  in  this  reading.  Back  when  cell  phones  was  made,  it  was  only  made  and  used  for  communication.  But  now,  in  an  advance  era  we  are  living  in,  cell  phones  now  are  used  for  different  kind  of  ways.  It  allows   users  to  play  games,  download  information  from  the  internet,  receive  and  sent  photographs  or  text  messages.

            Not  only  that,  it  can  also  be  performed  through  other  media  appliances.  I’m  sure  almost  everyone  has  a  cell  phone  that   allows  users  to  listen  to  music  that  they  downloaded  from  the  internet.  Yes,  the  beauty  of  cell  phones  nowadays.  It  can  also  become  your  own  portable  MP3  player  at  the  same  time.  Other  than  that,  users  can  also  listen  to  their  favourite  radio  station  through  their  cell  phone  and  even  go  to  Youtube  to  watch  and  listen  to  their  favourite  video clips  and  of  course  the  use  of  GPS.

“Media  convergence  is  more  than  simply  a  technological  shift.  Convergence  alters  the  relationship  between  existing  technologies,  industries,  markets,  genres  and  audience.”  A  quote  by  Henry  Jenkins.

            It  is  indeed  amazing  on  how  much  users  can  do  just  by  using  one  device.  The  brilliance  and  creativity  of  makers  for  being  able  to  create  cell  phones  or  better  known  as  smart  phones  can  also  at  the  same  time  help  users  spend  less  money.  Why  spend  a  lot  of  money  on  an  MP3  when  you  can  listen  to  music  through  your  smart  phone? The  ability  of  able  to  get  things  done  for  work  and  of  course  for  leisure  time  through  one  device  and  that  is   cell  phone  or  smart  phones  are  incredible.

We  are  embracing  media  convergence  and  as  much  as  we  sometimes  don’t  like  the  idea  for  doing  so  but  it  is  part  of  our  daily  lives  and  it  has  indeed  changed  how  one  communicates.


Jenkins, H. 2004, The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, vol.7, no.1, pp 33-43.


3 responses to “Transglobal Entertainment and Media Convergence”

  1. ChristyL says :

    You’re right; cell phones are definitely no longer a device used solely for communication. It’s also a camera, a gaming device, a watch, a calendar, an alarm clock. So much is contained within this pocket-sized device that most of these objects in the physical forms are redundant to us today; less and less people are lugging hefty cameras around and more people are using their cell phones to tell the time. In return, we become so dependent on these technological devices that on the off chance that we do forget our mobile phones for a day, we would be completely lost; not knowing the day or time or even our schedules. Media convergence can improve our lives; however, being overly dependent on anything is never a positive thing.

  2. jonarcigal88 says :

    I couldn’t agree more on your last statement. We may not like the idea of doing everything on a single device, but the world is changing and we have no choice but to accept it. Another point that I like is where you mentioned it changes the way one communicates; who needs to meet up when everything can be done using a smart phone?. The thought of convenience is, in a way, killing the old ways of being physically there to talk to someone and actually having a sense of value. There minimum sincerity just from communicating with bare words or voice.

  3. SzeYing says :

    According to Jenkins (2004), Media convergence is more than simply a technological shift. Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audience. With a smart phone, we could do many different things. We can fully utilize them anywhere, anytime for any purpose. We can read our lecture notes, play games, email, chat, and online through a smart phone.

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