Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing

A  Weblog  is  where  people  are   free  to  write  or  in  other  words,  typed  down  their  thoughts.  When  it  comes  to  blogging,  it  is   often  a  mixture  of  what’s  going  on  in  a  person’s  life  and  what  is  happening  on  the  Web.  It  is  like  a  diary.  An  alternative  diary  where  people  don’t  quite  have  to  care  what  other  people  think  when  reading  the  blog.  re Some  may  criticize  it,  but  all  the  bloggers  have  to  do  is  just  ignore  it  for  the  comments  they   receive  are  also  their  own  thoughts  and  their  own  point  of  view.

A  Weblog  is  not  only  a  diary  that  one  can  use  to  pour  their  hearts  out.  It  is  also  where  anyone  is  free  to  typed  down  on  what  they  think  about  issues,  trends.  Especially  issues  that  are  “hot”  on  the  news.  Weblog  nowadays  is  one  of  the  most  important  media  used,  especially  for  those  that  loves  to  write.

“We want a world where global publishing is effortless. We want a world where you don’t have to ask for help or permission to write out loud.” –  Clay  Shirky  (2002)

Through  Weblog,  anyone  is  free  to  typed  down  what  they  want  without  anyone’s consent.  Yes,  this  is  where  mass  amateurization  takes  place.  It  takes  place  because  of  the  amount  of  freedom  one  can  have  by  Weblog.

As  you  all  know,  the  traditional  media  concept  is  seen  as  one-to-many.  Meaning,  one  company  caters  to  a  mass  audience.  As  for  Weblogs,  it  is  seen  as  many-to-many.  That  can  sometime  contains  opinions,  thoughts  and   maybe  different  kind  of  news  that  is  completely  different  from  what  we  read  in  the  newspapers.   In  a  publishing  company,  professionals  are  assigned  to  report  or  write  about  this  specific  news  or  article.  Which  only  makes  us  see  things  only  from  one  view   and  different  angle.  Weblogs,  is  a  total  opposite  for  it  contains  different  kind  of  news  and  sometimes  the  truth.  Some  news   that  comes  from  the  Publishing   company  aren’t  always  true.  Sometimes  they  sugar-coated  their  words  and   only  write  down  what  their  editor  want  or  only  to  what  the  readers  should  only  know  about  and  nothing  more  than  that.  Sometimes  through   Weblog,  one  can  see  clearer  because  they  read  from  many  different  angles  and  opinions.

There  are  many  things  on  what  one  can  do  through  Weblog,  it  all  depends  on  the  individual.  True  there  are  pros  and  cons  on  this.  The  cons  is  that  maybe  sometimes  what  is  written  in  the  Weblog  might  not  always  be  true,  but  then  same  goes  to  newspapers  and  news  cable.  Nothing  is  certain.  Some  truths  can  never  be  certain.


Shirky,  C  2002,  Weblogs  and  the  Mass  Amateurization   of  Publishing,  Economics  &  Culture,  Media  &  Community,  Open  Source,  accessed  27/9/2012  http://shirky.com/writings/weblogs_publishing.html


4 responses to “Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing”

  1. lucasleehn says :

    I have to agree with you. Weblog allows us to write freely and express our thoughts for some issues. However, people today knew how influential a weblog can be compared to mainstream media because like you said, most of the journalist sugar coated their article just to please the editor or some political issues. However, weblog has been a concern to many of us, especially the government in Malaysia. Indeed, we were granted the “freedom of speech” in Malaysia but there’s consequences. If we looked back to the past cases that happened to Raja Petra, he is a editor for an online newspaper called Malaysia Today. He was caught by the ISA not because of his article in the online newspaper but it was one of his article from his personal blog. In conclusion, this proved that people are shirting their information resources from mainstream media to a weblog even the government knew how influential it is and this will cause limitation and censorship to the blogger’s world.

  2. rozzy13 says :

    I think weblogs are there to meet the needs of people who are afraid to share their opinions publicly or vocally. Since anyone is free to comment, liberty of speech is, in a way being practised and exercised. In one way or another, this can help one to boost confidence and self-esteem without having to feel embarrassed since anonymity can be maintained. Having said, such freedom can also easily create conflicts of interests and controversies would occur. But then again, it is when clashing of opinions occur that an issue receives various inputs from different perspectives.

  3. SzeYing says :

    Yes, agree with you that through Weblog, anyone is free to typed down what they want without anyone’s consent. This is where mass amateurization takes place. It takes place because of the amount of freedom one can have by Weblog. Every one is free to comment and has the freedom of speech on every issues happened in Malaysia. Recently, weblog become a tool for many politicians and journalist to voice out their opinions.

  4. marvintkz says :

    Have a weblog is very useful, because it is not only can let us see the blogger point of view of in several issues government, and it can help to show out the hidden news of a country. And we can share and debate for our own opinion in the web or forum.

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